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About Beginners

The instructional session is designed primarily for novice tennis players with limited experience, either as novices to the sport or with little exposure to casual play. These people may have had occasional training or participated in informal contests without adequate technique. The major goal of the lesson is to establish key tennis skills that will allow them to participate in structured play independently. A significant emphasis is placed on teaching fundamental rallying methods.

The programme is methodically developed to improve players' understanding of critical areas such as grip, footwork, and swing technique. Participants gain the ability to perform strokes consistently and successfully with increased power through specialised training. Furthermore, students are introduced to basic match-play concepts such as court location and shot selection. This gives them the confidence they need to compete at a recreational level. 

Our Aims

  1. Develop Fundamental Technique: To lay a firm foundation, concentrate on developing good grip, footwork, and swing technique. 

  2. Learn to Rally Frequently: Advance from fundamental ball control to steady rallying skills, enabling long-lasting exchanges during bouts.

  3. Introduce participants to the rules, scoring system, and fundamental match strategies, allowing them to participate in structured play. 

  4. Improve Stroke Power and Accuracy: Through targeted training drills and exercises, work on generating more power and accuracy in shots. 

  5. Build Confidence and Independence: Provide novices with the skills and information they need to participate in recreational-level matches on their own. 

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