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Development Teams

About Development Teams

A tennis team player in a British university's development squad is a member of a team dedicated to fostering and developing their tennis skills. These players have distinct traits that define their roles and contributions to the team. Our aims for the Development Squad area as follows:

  1. Tennis skills can be improved via serious training and practice. 

  2. Establish a strong foundation in technique, footwork, and court awareness. 

  3. Improve your physical fitness and agility to perform better. 

  4. To maximize learning possibilities, cultivate a positive and coachable mindset. 

  5. Through regular review and feedback, demonstrate progress and growth in performance. 

  6. Prepare for prospects in competitive tennis and advancement to higher-level teams. 

Desired Characteristics

  1. Eagerness to Learn: Players on the development tennis squad have a strong willingness to learn and improve their tennis skills. They welcome input, direction, and instruction from their professors and more experienced players. They seize opportunities to improve their game and try to achieve their maximum potential. 

  2. Training Commitment: Development tennis team members show commitment to their training schedule. They are dedicated to regularly attending practice sessions, drills, and training programmes meant to improve their technical, tactical, and physical abilities. They know the importance of constant and concentrated practice to progress. 

  3. Positive Attitude: Players on the Development Tennis Team have a positive attitude both on and off the court. They view obstacles as chances for progress and address them with hope and resilience. They demonstrate a willingness to work hard, persevere in the face of adversity, and remain inspired throughout their development journey. 

  4. Team Player Mentality: Growth Tennis players recognise the importance of teamwork and cooperation. They provide a positive contribution to the team environment by encouraging and supporting their coworkers. They understand how their individual growth contributes to the overall success and development of the team. 

  5. Adaptation and Versatility: Players on the Development Tennis Team exhibit adaptation and versatility in their playing. They are willing to try out new methods, approaches, and playing styles. They are willing to attempt new positions on the court and are adaptable in their game to different opponents and match scenarios. 

  6. Sportsmanship and Respect: Players on the development tennis team demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for their opponents, coaches, and teammates. They follow the rules, respect the decisions of authorities, and ensure fairness and integrity in the court. They realize the significance of representing their university and team with dignity and respect. 

  7. Development: Continued Growth and Progress Tennis players prioritise their athletic development and growth. They make objectives, track their progress, and look for opportunities to challenge themselves. They eagerly seek feedback and work hard to make the necessary adjustments to advance to the next stage in their tennis growth. 

  8. Academic Balance: Players on the development tennis team recognise the need of balancing their academic obligations with their tennis pursuits. They successfully manage their time, ensuring that they meet their academic obligations while also committing adequate time and energy to training, matches, and team events.

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