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About Intermediates

The intermediate-level player can participate in rallies, albeit their consistency varies, and their shots often lack topspin. Their serving is not yet consistent, and they have a stronger forehand than a backhand. While they may have gained valuable playing experience and gotten some coaching, they have yet to compete in high-level club or tournament matches.

Other criteria that distinguish an intermediate-level player are: 

  1. Understanding fundamental tennis methods and tactics, but with the potential for improvement. 

  2. Limited ability to execute complex shots including volleys, lobs, and drop shots. 

  3. Footwork and movement around the court are inconsistent, resulting in occasional placement errors. 

  4. Developing the ability to successfully anticipate and respond to opponents' shots. 

  5. They are working hard to enhance their overall consistency and shot accuracy. 

  6. Seeking to improve their serving technique to have more control and consistency. 

  7. Working on improving their backhand stroke more reliable and consistent. 

  8. Exploring the use of topspin and other advanced shot techniques to add variety to their game. 

Our Aims

  1. Improve Consistency and Control: Work on improving shot consistency, eliminating unforced errors, and gaining better stroke control. 

  2. Tactical Awareness: Introduce more sophisticated match techniques, such as court posture, shot selection, and identifying opponents' weaknesses. 

  3. Work on creating a consistent and effective serve, combining different sorts of serves (flat, slice, kick) with increasing accuracy. 

  4. Enhance Agility and Movement Around the Court: Increase agility and movement around the court, helping players to reach shots more effectively and maintain optimal positioning. 

  5. Improve Your Net Play Skills: Improve your volleys, overheads, and approach to the net to finish points successfully. 

  6. Increase Match-Play Experience: Participate in regular practice matches and friendly contests to develop playing experience in a variety of settings. 

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