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What is the difference between Annual Memberships and Semester Memberships?

Annual Memberships allow you to book onto courts outside of sessions via clubspark for free (excluding floodlights), semester memberships do not get to book courts as you wont be added to the clubspark system. Due to this we recommend you get the annual membership for better value.

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How much is a membership?

A Social Tennis Membership is £130

A Teams Membership is £240

A Development Squad Membership is £215

You can view these in our shop here.

When and where are the sessions?

Sessions run weekly at Fallowfield for our social program and at The Northern for our teams. For our team players, you will have 3 hours of training per week, and our social tennis program runs 6-10pm Monday/Tuesday, 1-6pm Wednesday and 2-7pm Saturday, click here to go to our session page where you will find each individual timetable.

Do you cater to all levels?

We provide all levels of tennis at our cub, from beginners to BUCS, we will look after you and make sure that you enjoy being here and improve your tennis, be sure to check out our descriptions for each level under our sessions tab.

How do I book onto the sessions?

There is two ways of booking onto our sessions, either through the booking page on our website found here, or through the "fit by wix" app where a link will be sent to you once you become a member.

Can I book courts?

You can only book courts through the Clubspark app if you buy the annual membership, courts are free for our members however floodlight costs are £4 per hour. To download the Clubspark app follow this link for app store or google play.

Do you provide rackets and balls?

Rackets and balls are provided at our sessions so no need to worry if you don't have one, we have plenty to lend you.

What do I get in my membership?

Once you have bought your membership though the SU shop, it will be a few days until your account is live and you can book courts, but until then you can still turn up to sessions where you will receive a membership card.

Do I have to wear tennis whites?

No you do not, but we do recommend that you wear sporty clothes and sensible shoes to allow you to move around the courts easier.

What can I do if my string breaks?

There is no need to worry, we can provide you a racket at the sessions whilst our club stringer Richard restrings it for you.

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